Monday, October 29, 2012

19 pictures of a park bench (benches)

About My Public Domain Pictures. This photo blog is a collection of my personal amateur photographs dedicated to the public domain therefore all these pictures are available for download and use for personal or commerncial purposes. I do not require my users to give back anything except for a request for a backink to this public domain photo blog to help other users find this repository of public domain pictures. I have been creating various public domain pictures sine 2010 and I am continously updating my collection of public domain pictures. I hope you enjoy my work. Thank you very much!

Here are 19 pictures of park bench (benches).  I took these pictures from various parks and recreational areas.  I am releasing these pictures of park bench (benches) into public domain so you are free to use them for any purpose.  Its not a requirement here at My Public Domain Pictures but lease consider a credit to our blog when you decided to sue anyone of these pictures of benches.

(Click images below for original size and higher resolution, 2049 X 1361 )

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