How to make money from your amateur pictures

We all have hundreds or even thousands of amateur pictures we have collected over the years. I myself have thousands our amateur pictures sitting in my hard drive with no one really enjoying them, aside from the occasional Facebook shares I make few times a week.

I love taking pictures. Everywhere I go, I take a picture of something that catches my eyes, may it be funny or something serious. As long as it is interesting, click goes my camera. I sometimes use my Sony Nex C camera or my iPhone.

So after few years of taking pictures, I realized that they have no use for me. So what do I do with these pictures? Do I just delete them? Keep them? Print them?

These questions eventually made me realize that I can actually make money from these amateur pictures. How? I'ts actually simple. Just offer them to anyone for free! That is exactly what we are doing in My Public Domain Pictures blog!

So exactly does it work? Here' how.

1. I take pictures.
2. I blog my amateur pictures offering them for free (that is, anyone can download my pictures for free and they can use it for any purpose,a commercial or personal)
3. I monetize my blog with Google Adsense.

So how am I doing? I am having fun sharing my pictures for free and making gas money from ads. Wil it make me rich? No, but its fun and that is the most important thing.

I hope you, amateur or hobby photographers like me, learned a bit of how make money from your amateur pictures. Have fun!

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