American Sign Language Pictures

Keywords:  Sign language pictures, free sign language illustrations, sign language numbers, sign language alphabet, letters in sign language
Description:  While searching for photo projects, I realized sign language illustrations can be a good one so I created these sign language pictures available for anyone to use for free.    I am releasing these pictures into public domain so you know what that means.  I did not arrange this according to the alphabet I we have all the letters and numbers so you should find most of the signs.
License:  Public Domain ( credit not required but requested) 
Camera:  Sony Nex C3 

                          (Click images below to view original size and higher resolution)
number 6

number 7

number 9

number 8

number 5

letter E

letter N

letter O

letter K

letter Q

letter R

letter S

letter T

letter V

letter U

letter W

letter F

letter X

letter Y

letter Z

letter B

"I Love You" sign language

number 1

number 2

number 3

number 4

letter A

letter G

letter B

letter C

letter I

letter H

letter K

letter L

letter I

letter D
letter M