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How to find public domain pictures

Here are several methods on how to find public domain images. There are several reasons why you will want to find images that are in the public domain. Say you need an image and you have a particular idea in mind, maybe you need a puppy dog image to use on a mailing, or an image of someone throwing a fit to better express a blog post you are writing. Google image search has become the most popular tool to use in searching for images. However, Google image search results bring up all images related to a search term. If you don't have the rights to the image you will use in your mailing or blog post you could be causing yourself problems later. Here are few easy ways to find public domain images.

Public domain images can be easily separated, even ones for commercial use, by going to the advanced feature in Google. Simply click on the gear thingy in the upper right box on the search landing page, a drop down menu will appear with the advanced option. On the advanced page near the bottom is a drop down menu where you can choose from different rights attributions. Option labeled "free to use, share or modify, even commercially" covers all uses of a picture, meaning images in results exist in the public domain for commercial or non-commercial use, and you can take the puppy dog and perhaps merge it with other public domain images of puppy dogs so your mailing has pictures of puppy dogs all over it.

If you are looking for historic pictures, the Library Of Congress website has thousands of pictures dating back to the nineteen century that are public domain images and free to use. Many of them are from all over the world. These are in the public domain and free to use or modify for any purpose.

Wikipedia also has an enormous database of public domain images in their Wikimedia Commons area, though many of these are under what is called a Creative Commons license. Creative Commons allows the rights owner to assign responsibilities to the user. Typically all this means is that if you want to use a Creative Commons picture then you need to credit the rights owner, perhaps giving him a link to his website on yours. This allows the rights owner to benefit from his work without demanding financial compensation or putting the work freely in the public domain.

See that picture below, that I also a public domain picture.

Beer glasses

Here are beer glasses pictures I am releasing into public domain. If you are looking for other public domain pictures, feel free to search our repository of free pictures.

How to make money from your amateur pictures

We all have hundreds or even thousands of amateur pictures we have collected over the years. I myself have thousands our amateur pictures sitting in my hard drive with no one really enjoying them, aside from the occasional Facebook shares I make few times a week.

I love taking pictures. Everywhere I go, I take a picture of something that catches my eyes, may it be funny or something serious. As long as it is interesting, click goes my camera. I sometimes use my Sony Nex C camera or my iPhone.

So after few years of taking pictures, I realized that they have no use for me. So what do I do with these pictures? Do I just delete them? Keep them? Print them?

These questions eventually made me realize that I can actually make money from these amateur pictures. How? I'ts actually simple. Just offer them to anyone for free! That is exactly what we are doing in My Public Domain Pictures blog!

So exactly does it work? Here' how.

1. I take pictures.
2. I blog my amateur pictures offering them for free (that is, anyone can download my pictures for free and they can use it for any purpose,a commercial or personal)
3. I monetize my blog with Google Adsense.

So how am I doing? I am having fun sharing my pictures for free and making gas money from ads. Wil it make me rich? No, but its fun and that is the most important thing.

I hope you, amateur or hobby photographers like me, learned a bit of how make money from your amateur pictures. Have fun!

Here's one of the earliest submissions by one of our members.

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4 pictures of the Philips Arena (Atlanta)

Here are 4 pictures of the Philips Arena, home of the Atlanta Hawks. I took these basketball court photos during one of our corporate team events. This was taken after the game. The Hawks beat the Wizzards. It was a good game.

3 light switch etching

Here are 3 light switch etchings I created using an iPad app called etchings. Feel free to use these etchings for any purpose as I am releasing these etchings into public domain.

5 flowers public domain picture

Keywords:  flower petals, flower, flowers
Description:  Here are few flower pictures I am releasing into public domain.  I think these are the first photo's I took using my new Sony Camera
License:  Public Domain ( credit not required but requested) 
Camera:  Sony Nex C3 

                          (Click images below to view original size and higher resolution)

Passages free pictures

Keywords:  passages, gate, gates, walkway, free
Description:  Here are passages pictures I took different places I visited.  Not great photos but who knows, someone might like them.
License:  Public Domain ( credit not required but requested) 
Camera:  Sony Nex C3 

                          (Click images below to view original size and higher resolution)

4 New York skyscraper photo free

Keywords:  New York, buildings, skyscraper, tours, tourism, Big Apple
Description:  Here's a photo of a New York skyscraper I took during one of my visits there few years ago.  I took a tour around the city and enjoyed the city so much.  There's so many things going on in that big city it never sleeps.
License:  Public Domain ( credit not required but requested) 
Camera:  Sony Nex C3 

                          (Click images below to view original size and higher resolution)